This ministry exists to glorify God by helping people experience His healing light
and power in the dark places of their heart, mind and spirit by applying biblical truth. 


FAQ's about the Healing Journey Class

How is the Healing Journey Class different from the many other healing Bible studies? What sets it apart?
I can't say I’ve checked out every healing study out there, but what I often hear from HJ grads is that the tools in this class are particularly effective. It is a safe and accepting environment to approach God and healing when we’re full of doubts, disappointments, and questions. We give the process a little more time and include all the facets of healing, not just a couple.  When I asked Bryan this question, he said the difference is the impactful work we do on the false beliefs and lies we believe about ourselves and God. 

I know someone who could really benefit from the Healing Journey Class but there isn’t one in their area. Is there any other way for them to learn the principles taught in the class?
Yes, there are a couple options. Anyone can purchase the Healing Journey Student Kit and the lessons on either DVD or CD. At that point they are equipped to go through it on their own. Or even better, get two kits and do it with a friend. Another option is to purchase Road Map to Healing which features the essential teaching of the Healing Journey Class, a short novella, a color map, processing questions and response prayers. 

I have been fortunate and not experienced abuse or other significant wounds. Would I still benefit from the Healing Journey Class?
Absolutely. I've heard it said a bazillion times, “Everyone can benefit from the Healing Journey Class.” The reason being is that we all struggle with false beliefs, lies, and distortions about God, his relationship with us and our identity. The HJC helps students work through these things, bringing to light areas they might not even be aware of. Every human being receives wounds from others and makes bad choices at times. The HJC class teaches a biblical process to keep this kind of stuff from piling up. 

My daughter/son is 18 and I would like them to take the Healing Journey Class. Will they benefit from it?
Yes, but possibly not at the same level as someone older. There is always value in hearing truth. And even if they don’t apply the healing principles right away, God will use it and bring it to their minds at key moments. The reason I don’t see the same results in young people as in more mature adults is pride. When we’re young, we too often believe we’ve got life handled, that God can be a helpful resource, but we don’t need to give him control. Unfortunately it usually takes a few decades of being beat up by life before we realize the Lord is our only hope for success and freedom. That said, I never discourage young adults from taking the Healing Journey Class. God’s word will not return void. 

I took the Healing Journey Class last year and I still have my manual, do I need to purchase a new manual?
God never takes us on the same journey twice. The journey you took the first year is finished. He is taking you to whole new territories when you take the class again. You will see brand new things; you’ll hear the lessons differently. It’s a fresh journey and needs a fresh book. This will be a place to record new insights and new healing.

General FAQ's

How do I contact Cyndy or Bryan?
They would love to hear from you! You can send a letter to Cyndy or Bryan in care of:
Healing Light Ministries, P.O. Box 60879, Colorado Springs, CO 80960-0879.
You can also 
email Cyndy at and Bryan at, or use our contact form.

Is Cyndy available to speak at a church, conference or retreat?
Yes! You can read more about Cyndy's speaking opportunities here. The best way to inquire about her availability to speak is to send your request by mail or e-mail.

Has Cyndy written anything in addition to The Healing Journey Class?
Yes, she has a nonfiction book, Road Map to Healing, teaching the essential Biblical truths for healing. She has also written two other Bible Studies to complement and complete the Healing Journey curriculum. Resting in Jesus is a 9-week study helping students draw closer to Jesus and work through barriers in their relationship with him. The homework is not your typical Bible study homework; instead, it includes a 45-day devotional with a make-your-own personalized verse pack. Running with Horses is a thirteen-week study for those who are ready to live the life God has planned for them in the Promised Land. Running with Horses is designed for students who are solid in their faith and desire to go deeper with God delving into some of the most challenging aspects of our Christian walk.

I love Cyndy’s wardrobe. Where did she get it?
It always surprises me when I travel and speak to groups and get this question from women. Most of the indoor outfits and jewelry came from Chicos and a lot of the outdoor outfits from Steinmart.

What prompted your interest and partnership with Daughters of Destiny prison ministry?
I’ve always had a heart for women in jail, prison, and transitional housing facilities. In fact, I taught my second HJC at a residential home for single mothers and their children. What could be more exciting than bringing this life-changing message to those who struggle the most? So when DOD contacted me about speaking and using the Healing Journey materials, they had me at “hello.” We really hope to see the class offered at more prisons in the future.

Do I need to take these Bible studies in any particular order?
Not necessarily, but most people will benefit from taking the Healing Journey Class followed by Resting in Jesus and, finally, Running with Horses. Everyone should take the Healing Journey Class at some point. It’s just such a great opportunity to clear up unnecessary garbage we’re carrying around every day. Resting in Jesus is a very flexible study and is appropriate for anyone, anytime. Running with Horses is for people who have a great relationship with God and are ready to live their life fully for him. 

It is very exciting that Bryan is filming the Healing Journey Class for men. Are there any other projects being planned for the men?
We need to get through this gigantic project before we can think about anything else. But just like with the women’s ministry, most of what we do at His Healing Light Ministries is in response to the needs and requests of those we serve. As we hear from men what they would like to see next, we will plan and go from there.