This ministry exists to glorify God by helping people experience His healing light
and power in the dark places of their heart, mind and spirit by applying biblical truth. 


 Jesus heals! He not only wants to heal us, but he can! That is the essence of my message at the Wings of Healing event for the whole community. An exciting 2-hour evening, the event opens with a time of worshipful music followed by my own testimony of healing and a brief teaching on how the healing process works. It’s a great place to bring friends and loved ones who would benefit from healing in their own lives, especially those who have little hope or don’t know where to start. Those attending will also learn about the Healing Journey Class and opportunities for leadership training. Contact us for information about how you can bring Wings of Healing to your community.

Cyndy is also available to speak at conferences, worship services, weekly classes or studies and women’s retreats. All of her topics can be adapted specifically to issues like death, divorce, abortion, abuse, addiction, marital issues, etc. Much of her speaking comes directly from the lives of biblical characters including Joseph, Hagar, Nehemiah, David, Jesus, Tamar and Moses. She enjoys speaking on such topics as:

  • God’s true character—dispelling false beliefs and embracing truth
  • Having a real and intimate relationship with God
  • Shedding the victim identity and becoming victorious
  • Trusting God to be our provider, protector and source of power
  • Understanding and ridding our lives of false idols
  • Understanding why God’s perspective is different from ours
  • The stages of healing such as anger, blame, shame, humility and grieving
  • The steps that lead to healing such as granting God access, confession and forgiveness
  • Understanding what happens to our mind, heart, body and spirit when we are wounded
  • How to live victoriously
  • Her own testimony of healing