This ministry exists to glorify God by helping people experience His healing light
and power in the dark places of their heart, mind and spirit by applying biblical truth.

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The Healing Journey Class for Women & Men

Of our three studies, the place to start for most people will be the Healing Journey Class. The Healing Journey Class is a 29-week comprehensive Bible Study designed for women and men who want to learn God’s principles for healing. While there are many aspects of the class, it is primarily a Bible study that gives people the opportunity to personally process the painful events of their life. Everyone will benefit from taking this class. Not only does it provide an extremely effective and proven environment for healing any kind of mental, emotional, or spiritual wound, it also works on our false beliefs, victim behavior and much more.

The six goals of The Healing Journey Class are:

To have
• A peaceful mind that knows the truth
• A heart that is whole, healed and filled with peace, joy and hope

So that I can enjoy
• Being in an intimate relationship with God
• Being the person God made me to be

Only then can I
• Relate to people through grace, mercy, honesty, truth and love
• Serve in God’s kingdom from a heart that worships him.

Each week Cyndy or Bryan Sherwood presents a lesson, based on scripture, which deals with one aspect of the healing process. The curriculum outline provides a detailed description of the individual classes. After viewing the DVD lesson, participants break out into small groups of 5-7 people led by a trained facilitator. During the small group time, participants process the truths of the lesson as they apply to their personal lives. Class participants are led through each of the healing steps and invited to take the steps in their own lives.

The Healing Journey Student’s Manual is the curriculum for the class. The manual includes an outline for each lesson, weekly homework assignments called Mid-Week Journey Steps, and many processing tools.

There are different reasons for coming to the class, but the primary one is to heal from past or current emotional, mental or spiritual wounds. Most of the students taking the class need healing in one area of their life or another. Additionally, people take it because they desire to have a closer and more real relationship with God. Others take it in order to be better equipped to help others that are hurting.
There are lots of good reasons for taking the journey.

Some of the main themes of the class are:

  • Understanding our beliefs, shedding false beliefs and embracing the Truth
  • Understanding how we have become our own god trusting in ourselves for our provision, protection and power
  • Understanding how and why our perspectives are different from God’s
  • Understanding our victim identities and how to be transformed to be victorious
  • Understanding the steps to freedom from our wounds
  • Understanding how to live as victorious people

Women & men with the following issues can benefit from the Healing Journey class:




Sexual orientation

Self-hatred / Rejection



Difficult relationships

Criminal activity


(physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual)


Poor self-image

Lost loved ones






Starting Your Own Healing Journey Class

If you are interested in starting a Healing Journey Class in your area the place to begin is to purchase the Healing Journey Curriculum Kit. It includes everything you need to start a class.  Once you receive your kit, read through the Class Facilitator’s Manual first. It will tell you everything you need to know about leading, training, publicity, and registration, and includes a time line and the forms. Once a year, in the spring, we offer several 4-day Boot Camps around the country designed to train new leaders for the Healing Journey Class. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend, if at all possible. Please submit any questions you may have, by emailing us at or call us at (719) 694-8394.