This ministry exists to glorify God by helping people experience His healing light
and power in the dark places of their heart, mind and spirit by applying biblical truth.

Men's Curriculum OutlineClasses For Men | 2016 Men's Retreat

Our vision is to equip men to become the healthy leaders in their homes, families, churches, workplaces,
and communities that God intends them to be by offering a proven model for healing the wounds and
removing the barriers blocking them from reaching their greatest potential for Christ’s kingdom.

 Bryan's Testimony


Hi! I’m Bryan Sherwood and I have been watching my wife, Cyndy, lead the Healing Journey Class for women since 2001. It didn’t take me very long to figure out that this is an amazing class and truly anointed by God. I have heard countless stories of women getting healing.

I knew I, too, needed God’s healing in my life. Like most people, I’ve experienced some fairly painful wounds. My first wife left me and I raised my three kids pretty much by myself. I also had a lot of unresolved issues during my growing up years. And my daughter died at only 19 years old. Even though I received the Lord as my Savior in High School, and really committed my life to him in my early 20s, I was never able to get past this stuff and it left
me with a lot of anger and disappointment.

Although Cyndy wrote the Healing Journey Class for women, I knew God’s principles were for everyone. So I started a men’s class in 2009, largely so I could finally get past my own painful wounds. Thirteen men decided to take the class with me and we had a great year. We saw the same healing results with the men. I have led men’s classes ever since then and am teaching one now.

I was content to just keep on doing the men’s groups, but God had other plans. While fly fishing in 2011, God  spoke to me about re-filming the Healing Journey Class. God confirmed this through the HHLM Board and others. We officially began the process of revising the materials for men in the spring of 2012, led by the Men’s Leadership Team and in the summer of 2014 we released our newly filmed men's Healing Journey lessons on DVD.  Be sure to check out our store to see all of our new men's products!  If you have any questions about the men's Healing Journey, you can email me at

Bryan's class in Colorado Springs (2012)