This ministry exists to glorify God by helping people experience His healing light
and power in the dark places of their heart, mind and spirit by applying biblical truth. 

Running with Horses Lessons on DVD


Thirteen DVDs containing teaching by Cyndy Sherwood.  Each lesson is approximately 50 minutes.

DVD Contents:

Lesson One: Running with God's Wisdom in View

Lesson Two: Running Propelled by Intimacy with God

Lesson Three: Running with God in the God-Seat: Part 1

Lesson Four: Running with God in the God-Seat: Part 2

Lesson Five: Running with Eyes on the Eternal

Lesson Six: Running with an Undivided Heart

Lesson Seven: Running in Humility

Lesson Eight: Running with a Heart of Servitude

Lesson Nine: Running in Spiritual Victory

Lesson Ten: Retreating into the Shadow of His Wings

Lesson Eleven: Running with Honesty

Lesson Twelve: Running with Unconditional Love

Lesson Thirteen: Running with Perseverance