This ministry exists to glorify God by helping people experience His healing light
and power in the dark places of their heart, mind and spirit by applying biblical truth. 

The Healing Journey Student's Kit


The Student's Manual includes over 400 pages of truth and tools designed to help people in the Healing Journey Class successfully navigate their own journey to wholeness and freedom. The 29 sections each include an outline to follow while watching the DVD lessons, Mid-Week Journey Steps to do at home during the week and processing tools that facilitate healing. The Student's Manual is designed to be used individually or in a class setting and comes in a 2" binder.

The Meditation Verse Pack is made of 4 1/4" x 2" cards that include 141 scripture verse cards, five for each weekly lesson, selected to help reinforce the lesson truths. The cards come on a 2” metal ring.

* The men's manual is newly revised and now contains new content specifically geared for men. The outlines still follow the Bible lesson teaching on the DVDs and CDs.