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If you are experiencing something painful in your life, or have in the past, and just can’t seem to get past it, The Healing Weekend is your opportunity to find healing, freedom, and peace using a proven, biblical model for healing. The healing steps taught are the same ones that have brought healing to thousands in the Healing Journey class since 2001.

The weekend includes teaching by Bryan and Cyndy Sherwood of His Healing Light Ministries, as well as small group processing with trained leaders. The biblical tools presented are effective, bringing results quickly.
Boot Camp is a four-day training, with live teaching by Cyndy and Bryan Sherwood. This intensive training is held once a year, and is designed to prepare incoming men and women, to lead Healing Journey either as a Class Facilitator or Small Group Leader.

Class Facilitators are equipped to successfully launch this ministry in their church, ministry center, or neighborhood, and to lead the class each week. Extensive training is given both through instruction and experiential learning, equipping Small Group Leaders to successfully guide students through the primary healing steps taught in the class.

It is highly recommended that all new Class Facilitators and Small Group Leaders attend Boot Camp. It is also recommended that Boot Camp alumni return every few years for a refresher.

Registration fees do not include materials, which may be purchased at Boot Camp or online prior to coming. Boot Camp attendees will need a Healing Journey Student Kit and Small Group Leader’s Guide. If an attendee is planning to begin a new class, they will need to purchase the Healing Journey Curriculum Kit (which includes the aforementioned books). If attendees have not yet taken Healing Journey, it is recommended they purchase and read Cyndy’s book, Road Map to Healing prior to Boot Camp, available in both paperback and ebook.


Healing Journey Retreats are offered through local classes nationwide. Contact your local leader to get more information about retreats in your area. 

The Healing Journey Retreat is amazing. Words fail when trying to describe just how powerfully the Lord works in someone’s life during this 2-night retreat experience. It is simply life-changing. During this gender-specific weekend, participants experience healing in large groups, small groups, and in their time alone with God. In addition to great food and fellowship, the worship is truly soul-satisfying.


The Healing Journey Retreat is open to any student who is currently taking, or has taken, the Healing Journey class. For the current student, it is the crowning glory in their healing process.  The retreat gives numerous opportunities to revisit healing steps, to practice and solidify God’s process of healing, and to get to those hard to reach areas of darkness.


For the alumni of Healing Journey, the retreat is an excellent opportunity for a tune-up. As long as we’re on this earth, we continue to receive wounds. Alumni will find the retreat a great place to return to freedom and wholeness.


If there is not a retreat in your area, no worries. The Leader’s Kit contains everything you need to be able to easily lead one. Not only does the manual include a time line, planning tips, and materials lists, it spells out each session in detail. All you have to do is read it. Because this is a special-order item, please allow six weeks when ordering.

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