Our new introductory DVD features sample teaching, testimonials, class descriptions, event commercials, and much more. This DVD is a great resource to use in sharing about Healing Journey or our other studies.

The Ministry
0:00 Who We Are
5:08 Which Class is Right for My Church?
8:12 Which Class is Right for Me?
11:07 Prison Ministry

The Healing Journey
12:20 What is the Healing Journey?
16:39 Sample Teaching Women's Study
31:44 Sample Teaching Men's Study
48:15 Testimonials from HJ Students
54:30 Testimonials from Pastors
57:44 How to Start a Class

Resting in Jesus
59:38 What is Resting in Jesus?
1:01:28 Sample Teaching
1:17:03 Testimonials

Running with Horses
1:21:42 What is Running with Horses?
1:23:15 Sample Teaching
1:38:14 Testimonials

1:42:01 Prison Testimony

1:45:23 Boot Camp
1:48:30 The Healing Weekend
1:51:26 Healing Journey Men's Retreat
1:53:44 Healing Journey Women's Retreat