• Overview +

    The 29 weekly classes are 2 to 2¼ hours, beginning with scriptural lessons taught by Cyndy or Bryan Sherwood. Following the lesson, participants break into focused processing groups of 5-7 where God’s healing principles are practiced and applied to their individual issues.
    For a detailed overview, read the curriculum outline.
  • Goals +

    To have a peaceful mind that knows the truth, and a heart that is whole, healed, and filled with peace, joy, and hope so that we can enjoy being in an intimate relationship with God and enjoy being the people God made us to be. Only then can we relate to people through grace, mercy, honesty, truth, and love, and serve in God’s kingdom from a heart that worships him.
  • Reasons to Join +

    For healing of past or current wounds, for a better relationship with God, to be better equipped to help hurting people, to live more successfully in every area of life.
  • Lessons Learned +

    • Why our life gets off track; the difference between true and false beliefs
    • The role God wants to play in our life
    • Why God sees things differently than we do
    • What our true identity is and how to break out of the victim mentality
    • Why our relationship with God may be distant
    • How to heal from painful wounds
    • What grief is all about
    • How to live a victorious life
  • Some Issues That Benefit +

    Betrayal, Abandonment, Shame, Rejection, Loss, Guilt, Disappointment, Abuse (Sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual), Anger, Bitterness, Dissociation, Addictions, Self-hatred, Abortion, Adoption, Divorce, Unforgiveness, Difficult Relationships
  • Materials +

    Participants receive a Meditation Verse Pack and Student’s Manual, providing outlines, tools, worksheets, and individual work called Mid-Week Journey Steps.
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