Resting In Jesus

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A relationship with God starts in the heart, not in the rules. God deeply desires a relationship with us and has been pursuing us since the beginning. He pursued Moses, changing his life forever, but Moses had to learn to approach God too, and leave his fear behind.

Because of Jesus, we are reconciled to God and free from condemnation. Paul experienced this first-hand when God forgave his sins and gave him an amazing ministry. True beliefs about our relationship with God will open the door for us to enjoy being with him. There is much to take pleasure in when we understand how he feels about us.

Accurate beliefs about who we are in Jesus Christ will lead us to a life used for its highest purpose possible. We are wanted children of God and our presence brings him pleasure. We must follow in faith, rather than fear. When the woman at the well discovered this truth, her life was used in a significant way.

The most vital element in our pursuit of living a godly life is an accurate belief system; this includes what we believe about God. Many of us subscribe to views of God that are inaccurate or false. This was true of Job, whose false ideas about God caused him to experience additional pain in his journey. Success is hinged on knowing and believing the truth.

Worship is of paramount importance in our relationship with Jesus. This is an act of our will, not a result of our feelings. Worship is our complete identification with God Almighty and his Son, Jesus Christ. It fulfills the purpose of our life and brings contentment to the core of our being.

What a tough journey Peter had learning to abandon himself to God. For a long time, Peter believed he could serve God while still remaining in control. It took a bitter defeat for Peter to learn the truth. When his pride and fear were finally gone, he became a pillar of the new church.

Adversity is a gift in our life that ultimately brings many benefits and blessings. It is often what drives us to the heart of God seeking his help. Times of affliction take us to deeper levels of understanding and trust, developing our spiritual strength.

Trusting the Lord means accepting the outcome he chooses, whether it turns out to our liking or not. Mary and Martha struggled with Jesus’ decision to let Lazarus die. Yet Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego didn’t struggle at all in the face of seemingly certain death. What made the difference? Acceptance leads to contentment.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have been given the Spirit of God who dwells within us. The power of the Holy Spirit is what enables us to understand Scripture, to know God’s will, and to obey what he asks of us. In order to follow the leading of God’s Spirit in us, we must forsake our sinful nature.