Running with Horses

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We need the wisdom from heaven in order to succeed in the Promised Land. Wisdom is like a lamp illuminating the right and wrong paths. Wisdom is a very active way of living that complies with God’s Word.

David and Jesus are mentors teaching us what it means to remain in a place of intimacy with God, something that is essential in order to succeed in the Promised Land. We will learn the secrets of their dependency and connectedness.

Even though the Israelites saw God free them from captivity and part the Red Sea, they missed going into the Promised Land because of unbelief, fear, and rebellion. They trusted their own perspective rather than God’s and were defeated by false thinking.

Humility and courage are needed to succeed in the Promised Land. We will face fortified cities and giants, so must depend upon God for everything we need.

We are going to paradise, a place of unimaginable beauty and perfection. In order to have the right focus while we are still completing our life here on earth, we must be fixed on our future hope of eternal life where we will live in the daily presence of Christ.

Because of the challenges in the new land, we need an undivided heart. A divided heart makes us weak, unstable, and vulnerable. We must bury our false idols and obey God by living in holiness and purity.

We have nothing to offer our new life except what God has given us; it is all a gift from him. The greatest use of my life, in response to all that Christ has done for me, is to lay it down for others.

In the new land, we must forget about our own needs and focus on meeting the needs of others, as we live for God’s purposes. Our faith is to be demonstrated through good works that are authored by God.

The enemy will continue to tempt us and put obstacles in our path, so we must be more attentive than ever to his interfering schemes by learning how to shut the mouth of the lion. The truth of God will be our life line.

In the battles, God will be our comfort and deliverer. He will sustain us, restore us, and meet our needs. Worship and time alone with God will satisfy us and give us rest.

Success is attainable to the degree that we are honest about what we are thinking, saying, and doing, and about how we really feel. We will need to forsake our victim ways which requires full honesty with ourselves and God.

We must live by a high standard in our relationships with others, choosing to relate to people with mercy and grace, never in judgment. We need to respond with kindness and gentleness. We will learn how to maintain in unconditional love even in ongoing, difficult relationships.

God’s work is accomplished through perseverance which develops our character and maturity, particularly in the face of obstacles.Following the examples of Noah, Moses, and Jesus will inspire us to relentlessly pursue God’s work, regardless of how long it takes.